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Say Hello to Your New Laundry Bags!

We've taken the guesswork out of pricing. Fill the bag at one flat rate. It's predictable and affordable!

  • laundry bag

    Delicates Bag


    This bag is for your wash & fold garments that require a gentle wash & low or air dry.

    Holds one load of laundry

    Dimensions: 14” x 18”

  • laundry bag

    Standard Bag


    Our Standard Bag is equivalent to 20-30lbs of wash & fold laundry.

    Holds 3+ loads of laundry

    Dimensions: 22” x 28”

  • laundry bag

    X-Large Bag


    Our X-Large Bag is equivalent to 30-40lbs of wash & fold laundry.

    Holds 5+ loads of laundry

    Dimensions: 24” x 36”

  • Dry Clean & Launder Press Service

    Prices vary by item

    Put all dry cleaning and launder press items in your Dry Cleaning bag. We will do the separating for you! For first pick up, place these items in a separate labeled bag.

Laundry day is a click away.


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Prepare for Pickup

You'll receive a text reminder that we'll arrive for pickup the night before and the day after.

If this is your first pickup, place laundry in a disposable bag outside your door on the day of pickup. If you are a returning customer, please use the King Spin bags. Place additional laundry in a disposable bag if you have more laundry than bags.

Wash & Fold

Your laundry is checked in at King Spin Laundry, stain treated, lights and darks separated, washed in eco-friendly detergent, gently dried, and professionally folded.

We Deliver

Our friendly, uniformed driver will arrive in our King Spin van to deliver your drawer-ready clothes. We will send you a delivery notification via text with a picture of where your clothes were left.

Automate Laundry Day

Save time, set it and forget it with our convenient reoccurring pick-ups. On-demand options are available as well.

We use high-quality commercial washers and dryers at our private facility in OKC

Many other online laundry services use a network of local people to pick up your laundry and wash & dry it in their homes or random laundromats.

We simply don’t do that! Our commercial laundry facility is located here in OKC and we use our own high-quality commercial grade washers and dryers.

Our service is currently available in Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Mustang, Edmond, Deer Creek, Nichols Hills, Piedmont, Yukon, Choctaw, OKC, Midwest City, The Village, Bethany, and Warr Acres area.